A Significant Turn
Dire Scenarios
Intimidating Results
Brave Decisions, 
Or half-hearted they were?
The journey this year brought with it many heartaches, but also brought with it many special moments to be thankful for. The road was never smooth, and no one expected it to be. Difficult and heart-breaking decisions were made, but it was for the better good – perhaps, a blessing in disguise.
The journey this year is just another milestone that will lead me to my ultimate goal – my purpose of being.
And as this year comes to an end, I thank my family and all the people who brought a smile on my face. Thank you for being there.
I also thank those people who gave me nothing but heartaches, as that experience made me stronger and more independent.
I am happy for the fact that I took this turn, and this realization itself – is a significant turn in the journey of my life.

Happy New Year!

December 2011

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