Adad Calculator (Abjad Numeric Calculation)

In Arabic language, there are 28 letters (29 if hamza – ء is counted separately in some dialects). Every alphabet has an equivalent numerical value known as the Adad of that letter. This calculation of finding out the numerical value is called Hisab’ul Jumal, also known as Adad Calculations or Abjad Calculations.

This method of calculation is a form of writing which goes back many many centuries and was widely used even before the revelation of the Qur’an. Everything that happened in the Arab history was written down by attributing numerical values to letters thus the date of every event was recorded. These dates were then obtained by calculating the particular adad of every letter that was used.

This Ilm (knowledge) can be used for finding historical significance of events that happened in the past, and to some extent can be used to depict what is likely to happen in the future.

Adad calculation is a very powerful tool if used under proper guidance and light may provide us a glimpse into the miracle that is “Al-Quraan”, and give numerous answers to the unsolved mysteries of the universe and its existence. As the famous Mathematician Galileo Galilei has said:

Mathematics is the language with which God wrote the universe

If you would like to see this calculation in action, download the Adad Calculator from Google Play Store™.

August 2013

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