Beauty of Life
“God, I wanna die!”
Ever felt like that? Maybe because of a fight with spouse/parents, not getting good grades, parents not agreeing for a marriage, or just simple plain old feeling of being “tired of life”?
Pretty much everyone has I suppose. Either consciously or sub-consciously, we get that willingness to accept death if it came at that very moment, and some – sadly – do take one step further and end their lives by committing suicide.
To understand the situation that we go through, on contrast we need to understand a little bit about those people who suffer from Thanatophobia – a fear of death or dying. The obvious reason for such fear is the ‘fear of the unknown’. We don’t know what’s beyond. We are so accustomed to this worldly life, that it is impossible to imagine what would be ‘life after death’. Yet some people prefer the dark illusion of death, rather than embracing the beauty of life.
So what is this ‘beauty of life’? 
Imagine, your mother yelling at you to eat properly. Even if you don’t want to, she’ll force you. Why? Because she loves you.
Imagine, your dad telling you to sleep early, yet he himself would stay up all night just to know that you are safe. Why? Because he loves you.
Imagine, your brothers and sisters fighting with you, getting angry at small issues, and saying they will never talk to you and that they hate you all the time. Yet when you are far away, they say they miss you. Why? Because they love you.
This is the beauty of life.
Your parents are your present. Your brothers and sisters, your friends, those who love you unconditionally, whether you passed an exam or not, they will still love you. If you think life is not fair, your loved ones are there to take their share of the relationship they have committed themselves to. Talk to them. They will always be by your side. If your parents don’t agree with marrying you with someone you love, you feel like dying. But, live for them. Be happy in their happiness. Sacrifice. And remember all those countless times when they have sacrificed THEIR happiness for YOU.
The Beauty of Life does not depend on how much happy you are, but on how much happy others can be – because of you.
April 2010

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