‘Beauty lies in the eye of beholder’. Does it?
For ages, philosophers have been wondering how to define beauty. And it can still be a topic of discussion today in this modern world. But how does the ancient concept of beauty compare to concepts of beauty in the contemporary world?
As Socrates defined it, you felt pleasure from objects that were ‘intrinsically beautiful’. He found pleasure in simple geometric shapes, single colors, and musical notes. Plato, however, believed that beauty exists only in comparison to ugly things and that the measure of beauty was related to intelligence. Aristotle, on the other hand believed that there was no absolute beauty, but that it was based only on individual perception.
Generally, the Greeks perceived beauty as interchangeable with excellence, perfection, and satisfaction.
Later on, the definitions of beauty became specific. It meant, that beauty was supposed to “arouse” the appropriate response, which was pleasure or delight. This turned the focus of what beauty was towards a person’s reaction to the object.
Beauty then was described as an experience of joy or cheerfulness. However, with a more general meaning of today, beauty is defined by an individual response to an object.
We often hear people saying “it’s the inner beauty that counts more.” So how do we define that ‘inner beauty’? What makes some people beautiful from the inside which reflects upon their outer beauty as well? Is it just a perception? Or is there something more to it?
We perceive some people as the gift of peace and tranquility in our lives. They are blessedly reliable, dependably good, predictably pleasant, loved and treasured. That’s why we prefer some people over other in our lives.
But a mother for example, will always love her children and will always find them beautiful in all stages of their lives. She could never pick her one favorite child. Why? Because beauty is not just a perception for her.
There are things much more beautiful than beauty itself – It’s Love.
August 2010

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