Beyond the future

And so a new beginning, a whole new world to me …

It’s surprising how life changes when you least expect it. Or even if you do expect, the magnitude of change is unforeseen. Sometimes it makes you wonder, what is stored for me in the future? Whatever is happening today with me, is it an augury? An omen?

You never know with certainty.

Divination, hariolation, futurism are a few of several ways by which people try to know or rather predict what lies ahead in the future. Or in other words, what’s beyond the present.

But is that all we need? Is that the sole purpose of our existence? To predict the future and make a better present? Or is there something beyond all that .. ?

That is where the keen intelligence of mankind blunts.

That is what defines – in a way – the supremacy of Allah Almighty.

And that is the knowledge of what’s … beyond the future!

March 2010

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