Farewell 2010

Dear 2010,

You were a year I will not miss, nor I will forget anytime soon.

You tested me in every possible way. You pushed me to my limits in some of the worst ways possible. You were also the year that I lost some amazing friends, either by falling out or just simply growing apart – either way they are people I sometimes miss in my life.

But it wasn’t all bad – you also brought me lots of positive things. Even though I lost some friends, but I made some new ones too – life never stops I guess – for anyone! I experienced some tough choices, and had to face some tough decisions, but it taught me how to toughen up and not be so naive! I realized who my friends were, those who cared for me, and those who just wanted to use me. It still is difficult at times to differentiate between the two, but it surely did help me as to how to face it. The world isn’t all good, and being optimistic doesn’t change the situation, it changes the actions.

You’ve brought me success in my studies. I’ve enjoyed my University life. Made new friends there as well. You’ve allowed me to gain experience. I was able to help a lot of people with their problems and made them feel good, which ultimately made me feel good. Even the bad things that have happened, I wish I can take out some positives out of that too in the next year.

Thank you for everything. ‘Cause I know,

“everything happens for a reason”

Goodbye. A new beginning awaits .. Happy New Year!

December 2010

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