Gift of listening

It is in the nature of humans to confide their feelings and thoughts into other people whom they trust, and expressing their problems and emotions to those they feel comfortable sharing with.

But there always is that one person who we feel the most comfortable sharing our problems with. Someone who is either already on our same level, or knows how to come down to our level to understand us better than anyone else. Someone who we feel is gifted from above, who makes everything seem alright for us, and suddenly we find all our problems to have disappeared.

So what exactly do they do that gives us such a soothing sense of serenity? What makes us feel so calm & relaxed after talking to them? Why the wound we have inside us suddenly seem to have been cured? What are they gifted with?

I’d say, it’s the gift of listening.

Being there for someone, listening to their problems, making them feel that you are with them, and giving them assurance that everything will be fine, especially knowing exactly what to say in different situations and stages of life, depending on different people and friends having altogether different personalities, is nothing but god gifted.

And yes, with that gift of listening comes the gift … of healing.

April 2010

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