Here’s to an End of a Decade… and to New Beginnings!

I want take a moment to appreciate and be thankful for everything that has happened, for if it had not, I would not be where I am. Especially, am grateful for my parents, my lovely wife, my brother and sister, and my in-laws and the friends and family I gained along the way.

The people who went, the people who stayed.
The moments we enjoyed, the struggles we faced.
The opportunities we lost, the goals we achieved.
The resentment we encountered, the contentment we attained.

Even though it is an end of a decade, and it draws a curtain over a lot of memories, but it also brought a lot of new beginnings for me. I hope to cherish them and am looking forward to creating new memories.

Looking forward to …

3653 days of memories
87,672 hours of livelihood
5,260,320 minutes of togetherness
315,619,200 seconds of hope and prosperity


January 2020

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