There comes a time in some relations, especially in those you have great expectations from, that you simply cannot continue expecting anything more. Either the expectations have reached its limit, or one simply does not have the will or courage to be able to embrace ‘hurt’ in the relationship anymore. That is when indifference creeps in.

Indifference can kill a relationship. But for some, indifference is the only solution. It kills every expectation in the relationship and all the arguments come to a halt, because you simply learn to live for yourself. You stop expecting anything at all and you stop caring about everyone else. There comes a vacuum, an illusion that you create for yourself. A space between you and everyone else. However, it does not mean that there is no love or trust in the relationship anymore. But, the issues are much complex and complicated than simple expressions can convey. The hurt is much deeper. The wound, perhaps permanent.

Relationships help us grow as a person, and teach us lessons about life in ways that would be difficult to comprehend otherwise. Taking out time for each other, setting priorities, compromises, sacrifices and selflessness to do something for them. Indifference shuts off these qualities, or at least some of it. Shuts off growth. Shuts off communication. And shuts off life.
July 2011

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