It was meant to be …

And so it happens …

In life, we often find ourselves mentally in such situations, where our next step has no expectations to go with it, or the road ahead seems nothing more than a mere mirage. Where we find ourselves torn between two emotions, and the only way out of that trauma is to think, “It was meant to be”.

But ever wondered WHY it has to be meant that way?

Is is cause you don’t deserve the “other” way? Or is something better awaiting you, and this new way is “meant” to course your life towards what’s better or even perhaps the best for you?

Today we might see obstacles. But as I have mentioned in my previous post, we don’t know what’s beyond. Obstacles doesn’t mean you don’t deserve something so God is filling your life with hurdles and other cognitive factors so that you give up. Success is not measured by the height one attains, but by the obstacles that were overcome in that attainment.

It is said, that everything comes gradually and at its appointed hour. So why lose hope? Why try to escape and stop moving when you can hope life will guide you towards your desired destiny?

Moulana Ali Ibn-Abi-Talib (S.A) says:

Thy lot or portion of life is seeking after thee; therefore be at rest from seeking after it

As the quote above says, that a portion of life is seeking you, so you never know, that portion of life may be the one that you are seeking after all …

March 2010

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  1. intersoul

    I like your reply. Its like a continuation to mine, and in a way I feel like I've written it myself..However your ending is much better.

    It helped. A lot. Now you just made me more emo 😛


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