Life Changes
We often come across a path in our lives when we don’t know which step to take next, or whether we want to take the next step at all. Maybe we don’t want some things to happen to us differently than the way how it is at present. Maybe we’re afraid of change, or we are too stubborn and stuck up to accept the fact, that no matter what we do, whether we like it or not, things will change, and life has to move on. 
So instead of opposing it and being conservative about it, we should open ourselves up to new possibilities and opportunities, and embrace the change that is coming towards us. 
Because you never know, that some day in your future you might reflect upon it, and realize, that the step you took in order to move on, and the change it brought in your life was better for the people around you, including you. 
Besides, that’s the beauty of this worldly life, that it keeps changing. Cause when it stops to change, we cease to exist.

April 2012

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