Life is like a train passing by
Many of us have traveled in trains, and we often do not take notice of various things that pass by and happen around us. In other words, we often take it for granted.
The same way, while traveling in this fast-paced world, we often lose sense of our surroundings and the people around us and the people who come and go, and the things they do for us, as we are too engrossed in our own life and the things we want to achieve or anxiously waiting for the destination we want to reach that we forget about the journey.
Whether it is as routine as the daily meals our mom makes for us and the house chores she does everyday without fail, or as profound as the countless and selfless sacrifices our family makes for us, or as subtle as a friend simply taking out their time for us for keeping in touch, these are the people and the things that are often taken for granted and are not appreciated.
It is not cause they have nothing better to do, or because we feel it is their job to be available for us. It isn’t. Instead they give us importance and make us one of their priorities. They take out their time to observe, to notice, and seize their opportunities and appreciate what is around them despite traveling in the same fast-paced train with you.
Moulana Ali (A.S) says:
Opportunities pass by as the passing of the clouds, thus seize the opportunities of goodness
Stations will come and go, people will get on and get off, and soon there will come a final stop.
Appreciate the journey and the world around you, seize the opportunities, so that when the journey ends … you remember how pleasant, memorable, and beautiful it was without having any regrets.
January 2013

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