Quite a few instances have happened in my life, where I come across situations and I feel like giving up. I feel that God doesn’t seem to answer or even listen to my prayers. But yet, in the end, it does turn out well just the way I wanted it to be.


I know I have not been an ideal person to have all my wishes answered, my desires fulfilled. And many a times, I don’t pray for myself just for this reason that I don’t think I stand where one should be to be able to demand anything from God. I don’t even wish for any miracle, yet, I am always blessed with most of – if not all – my wishes being granted.

It made me wonder what is the reason behind it?

Today, I want to thank a few people; my small yet the most wonderful family, who is bestowed upon me by that same God who I used to complain to have not answered my prayers. Their countless sacrifices and prayers are the reason behind such miracles. And also I want to thank a few rare friends of mine, who prays for me unconditionally, and love me for who I am.

YOU are the miracle of my life.

Thank you.

May 2010

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