Patience is virtue

As a child, we were told that patience is a virtue we all should have in ourselves. It always seemed difficult back then, and somehow, it still does!

So what is this ‘virtue’? And why patience is counted as one?

In life, we often get impatient when things are not working out the way we want it to, which breeds anxiety and fear. People then tell us to have patience and that things will settle down.

But what is this ‘patience’? And how to be patient?

Patience can be defined as showing tolerance and fortitude toward others, even accepting difficult situations from them, and God too, without making demands or conditions.

Some people think that having patience is a sign of cowardliness. Thus they try to hide their fears by just pretending that they are being patient, or by taking hasty decisions to overcome their impatience.

But it is said that, “learn the art of patience”. So it is quite obvious that you cannot pretend to be patient. It is an art that either you are born with, or you need to learn it.

But how?

We can, by learning to apply discipline to our thoughts when they become anxious over the outcome of a goal. It also gives that feeling of contentment, which results in mental peace. And we all would agree, that a relaxed and peaceful mind can take better approach towards the desired goal, which proves to be very fruitful indeed rather than an approach taken under distress or anxiety.

But, patience is not an art that can be learned by anyone. It is deeply connected with faith as well, because whatever happens, there is the will of God behind it, and as mentioned above, patience is accepting difficult situations from people and God, so we are actually solidifying our faith in God and submitting to His Will, which brings us one step closer to Him.

And I believe, any quality which brings us closer to God …. is virtue indeed.

April 2010

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