Pen is mightier than Sword

“Words are pow­er­ful. They are the crux of our exis­tence.”

Be it business, or personal, it shapes your life. It is crucial for getting the results you seek. To compel others into what you want them to do, words do the trick. That’s why they say, “choose your words”, and you better choose them carefully, because words are more powerful than you think.

How powerful?

Words sell. They persuade. They influence. They bring a smile on one’s face, dry tears, heal wounds, make us feel loved, give hope. They bring laughter and happiness into the world making it all seem worthwhile.

But, words can also hurt.

It can create havoc in thin air, create differences and more complexities in what once used to be a simple happy relation. And worst of all, words can even kill. Create wars, and sadly they often do.

Edward George Bulwer Lyt­ton wrote this in 1839,

“The pen is might­ier than the sword.”

­­So, what is this power that words hold, which can bring such joy and happiness? What is this important role words play in your life that can enrich so immensely and deeply? Aside from fact that words have the power to hurt or to help, to annoy or to persuade, to wound or to heal, what else can words do that can help you achieve all you can?

It is, simply …Words have the power to forgive, too.

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March 2010

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  1. Zainu

    very well copied.
    you must teach me such art someday 😀

  2. Covert Cryptic

    @Zainu Thank you for commenting. Once you make the blog, then I will give you the honor too. Although I did mention that I will post articles as well 😛


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