Puzzle of Life
I recently was drawn into solving a puzzle commonly known as the Rubik’s Cube. Initially I must admit it was very frustrating – it was a challenge. Each time I tried to solve one side of the cube, I found myself at a dead end with not knowing what step to take next. I realized, that each piece of the puzzle, played a very significant role, and also how they were arranged and moved, to complete the puzzle.
In life, it’s people and events that play these important parts. Even though we may see that all the colors of a particular side are similar, but in reality, each piece is unique and special, which represent a special event or person in our lives. The same way, every person, or event may appear to be similar to us, but in reality, the differences are what gives us the solution to life.
While solving this Rubik’s Cube, it made me realize how many times I have tried to fit pieces of my life that were just not meant to be there. Tried to change the scenarios and move sides the way I wanted to over and over again even to the point of breaking the cube apart – but it wasn’t meant to be… and nothing I did changed that, or gave me that solution I was seeking.
Life has been like that for me many a times. I try so hard to understand why things happen the way they do. I search high and low for the answers and sometimes the answers are right in front of me. As I sat there looking at the cube, I started thinking about the “pieces” in my life: my family, my friends, events, achievements and moments. There’s such a mixture of good and bad, joy and tears, happiness and sorrow. I thought about all those pieces that I didn’t feel were important or had purpose. I reflected on all those pieces in my life that caused me to ask why… “Why me, God?”… “Why this?”. “Why this had to happen?”. I suddenly realized that it was because of those pieces, and how God moved them, that other pieces were able to fall into place.
Everything in our lives happens for a reason. Each event, whether good or bad, signifies a piece of the puzzle. If you try to hurry and solve the puzzle by making an effort to solve one side of the cube of your life, you will soon realize, that one wrong move will upset the entire harmony of the cube. I finally understand that even though some of the pieces in my life aren’t pleasant and many of them bring me pain and heartache, without them I couldn’t move on. No matter how unimportant I think they are, no matter how painful it may seem in the beginning, they bring me one step closer to wholeness.
We cannot always look at the pieces of our lives right now and understand the important role that each one of them plays. There are too many complications in the cube of our life, that the solution seems too difficult. But I know that when my journey in this life comes to an end, and that final move is performed, I’m going to understand how all the events that took place were actually helping me in moving towards solving the puzzle of life. I’ll no longer wonder why there was so much pain, or why certain people came and went in my life, or why things that happened, happened. I’ll be able to see the complete picture and the beauty that went into each piece that made it whole.
Until then happens, I will continue to live on in faith and belief. Knowing and trusting that all the blocks of my life will eventually fall into place when a power far beyond our comprehension, who moves the destiny of every single being in this world, will move my life according to His will. Remembering that there is a bigger picture, a plan for me, that I’m unable to see right now. Believing that each block of my life, every piece, even the painful ones, have its purpose and play an important role.

I do all this not in hope, but with faith, that on that day, when God will make His final move, He will then whisper to me:

Well done


April 2011

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  1. Bro.;)

    turned a simple puzzle into life's aim.

  2. Intersoul

    Extremely touching.
    Very deep.
    Made me realize a lot.
    Beautifully written as always.


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