Reality of Dreams
When the stars are bright, A world engulfs me.
Enlightenment it is, Or just a delusion?

We often dream just about anything every night, sometimes we remember those dreams, sometimes we don’t.  Sometimes we can comprehend those dreams, sometimes we don’t. There is a very popular quote from the movie Inception which sort of inspired me to write this blog post. It states:

Dreams feel real while we’re in them. It’s only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange
Once we are in our dream world, the experience is quite surreal. In an instance, our mind can comprehend ideas that would be impossible to do so in the real world. But when we wake up, we realize that there was no reality behind the dream. Or is there any?
The reason why the reality of dreams is such a vague one, is due to the fact, that dreams are a manifestation of symbolism, and various people with different backgrounds have different opinions and philosophies about Dreams. Some call them emotions and thoughts of the unconscious mind. While some people think it is a means to seek divinity and surreal enlightenment, as the Bible conveys, that often a power far beyond comprehension, communicates with people through dreams.
Just like the Bible, the Quran also has many verses that talk about the value and importance of dreams. No matter what the religion is, it is full of symbolism and Cryptic ideologies, thus why dreams need to be interpreted properly to find out the reality behind it, and hence there are so many verses about Dreams in Holy books.
Some concepts of religion are too complex to comprehend, and the reality of what dreams are, is one such concept. However, there is no hidden truth behind the fact that there are some blessed and chosen people, with whom He communicates through Dreams. And numerous people have sought enlightenment through it.
Thus, a dream is a very powerful medium, when interpreted and used in the right direction can yield eternal bliss.

November 2011

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