“Have you ever wondered which hurts the most? Saying something and wishing you had not, or saying nothing and wishing you had?”
Regret. One word that says it all. 
That utter disappointment over something that has happened in our lives, or usually the emptiness and pain we feel inside us for a sense of loss or missed opportunity to make something happen when we had the chance.
Once that moment passes away, and we realize what could have had happened, we would give and do anything to bring that time back. But times never waits for anyone.
Having said all that, in relationships when we reach a point when the opportunities we missed were for the happiness and well being of the ones we love, that is when our lives start to mean something special. We start to value, and cherish those small moments that happened rather than dive into the abyss of regret for things that “might have been”. This is when we realize that those memories and moments were the best days of our lives.
Even though sometimes some chapters of our lives remain incomplete or unsolved, but that feeling of anxiety, and missing those moments, relishing them, is what makes life worth living.
Sure we get hurt, and the pain is excruciating. But regardless of that, we still want that pain to last forever. Because that pain is what keeps us human. Because that pain is what reminds us of the wounds.
And let’s face it – sometimes, we like the scar. Sometimes … we like the pain.

June 2012

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