Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin – A Paragon of Excellence
99 years ago …
It must have been a truly blessed night, a night when a divine being came into existence in this world of mortals. A night when the heavenly bodies must have solemnized the nascence of such celestial personality.
And why wouldn’t they!
Since a century the world and Dawat has been witnessing such an incomparable paragon of excellence. And it would be at the pinnacle of impossibility to be able to comprehend fully, or even list off the various paradigms he has set for generations and generations to follow.
It was engraved in the book of knowledge, that a Son will be born whose radiance will fill the Dawat with immense Barakaat.
No matter what we say in his divine personality, will never do justice. So I’m quoting what his Father, Syedna Taher Saifuddin (R.A) has said in praise of his illustrious son and successor:

When he recites the Quran he glows for the people of heaven as the stars glow for the people of earth.

I have crowned this youth, he that is I myself – 52nd amongst the Duaat of seclusion, with the nass of Aimmat (AS.). He is a vessel for their enlightened wisdom and has acquired their spiritual character as well as their worthy merits. I refer to my son, delight of Imam’s (AS) eyes, pillar amongst intellectuals, named Mohammed and titled Burhanuddin.

May Allah safeguard him, place him amongst the inspired and guided. May He deliver to him a flow of the barakaat of His Wali at all times, and benefit mumineen by his long life. May He protect him from all ill.

March 2010

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  1. Hussain

    Very nicely written! May Allah (TA) grant our Moula a long and healthy life till Qayamat. Ameen

  2. intersoul


    This actually gave me butterflies..


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