To let it go, and have no regrets
One of the most difficult things in life we have to face at some stage is to decide whether to walk away or try harder.
To overcome this dilemma, we need to first ask ourselves, “Are there any regrets?”, “How much does it matter in the grand scheme of life? And to what extent?”
Sometimes, walking away seems the right thing to do, but we want something so badly that we keep trying harder. Regardless of how much we get hurt, regardless of the number of times we have been disappointed, you still keep trying harder. Even if it’s a lost cause. Maybe, that is our way of holding onto something we do not want to lose. Maybe that is what keeps us going.
But at some point, we need to weigh our opportunities and options. As said earlier, we need to ask ourselves how much does it matter in the grand scheme of life. The bigger picture. Otherwise, we might think we are moving on, but in reality, it is just holding us back. You’d always wonder what could have been if you would have stuck around a little longer, and tried a little harder.
I agree that sometimes we try to hold onto something so tightly is because we fear that something this great won’t happen twice. But we need to understand, that life waits for no one. If you really want something, never walk away and make every effort to gain it and then do anything to keep it. But if after giving everything you can, and no matter how much effort you put in, if it is a lost cause, with time it will become more and more clear. And when you weigh your opportunity costs of still trying despite all of this, and if you see that holding on is hurting you a lot more than helping, that is when you should accept that you’ve done everything you could. When you reach that point in your life, this is when you let go … because at the end of the day, you are losing so much of your time dwelling on something that will never happen, and losing the time that you will never get back.
As they say, you can’t start a new chapter of your life if you keep reading the previous one.
Note: A special thanks to you for your thoughts and for that conversation we had.
September 2012

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