You’ve got talent!

A person without talent is one who doesn’t exist …

How many times have we asked ourselves: “Why am I not talented like him, or do I even have any talent at all?”

Unless we find something which is very prominent, or people would consider it as a talent, we end up having inferiority complexions, the least of it, having the feeling of being useless.

Well, there is a misconception in our minds about how to perceive talent as. It is generally defined : Natural endowment or ability of a ‘superior quality’.

This is where the misconception comes in.

It doesn’t have to be anything “superior” with respect to someone else. Every living human being is good at doing something superior on his own level. Now it is up to him to find that motivation which drives him to do better and raise his level of superiority. But comparing your own self with someone else, is a wrong sense of motivation.

There is a concept of the “Johari Window”, which states 4 aspects of Self-Concept. One of them is the Unknown Self. Talents usually are hidden in this part of our personality, but as the name suggests, we are unknown about it. That is why we usually refer to the term as “Hidden Talent”, because it is hidden from us.

It proves, that talent is inside us, and everyone is born with some talent or the other, and God would never create anything useless. That is one of our fundamental faiths and belief in God.

It is just about some correct inner motivation and a belief, which guides us on the road of self-discovery … which ultimately leads towards self-actualization.

April 2010

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  1. Hussain

    i always quote this every where 😛

    "i am what i am, if you want flambouyance; go to the circus" 🙂

  2. Cryptic

    Okay, but the post isn't related to showing off or 'flamboyance'. It is more about self-discovery.

    But yeah, you can say this quote goes for people who don't compare themselves with others 🙂

  3. Shabbir

    You should be studying philosophy instead of computer science

  4. Cryptic

    @Shabbir: I feel that too sometimes :p


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